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Araminta 2023 Recap

August 9, 2023
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Camp Araminta provides the youth of our diocese with a short-term intense experience of Christian community and discipleship. Camp 2023 was no exception! The Araminta community comprised 274 souls from 14 Anglican churches, including our very own Bishop Alex. The discipleship groups covered the five essential topics of Creation, Gospel, Community, Holiness, and Mission with students 4th grade through 12th grade, and our skit celebrated the gift of grace that Jesus offers us all. One of the best parts of camp is when former students roll into the leadership track and give back to campers. This year we also met with fourteen camp leaders who expressed a call to ministry. We are grateful for God’s call on so many lives. Most of all, the highlights from camp included personal commitments to Christ and deeper commitments to community together. We are already looking forward to July 22-27, 2024!