Camp Araminta

where faith takes flight


Rising 4th-12th Grade Students

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July 22–27


To support the children and youth ministries of the congregations of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese by offering a short-term intense experience of Christian community and discipleship.

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Camp Araminta is one very active week with ongoing, exciting programs and activities that keep our kids busy from the crack of dawn until the evening. Camp is open to all rising 4th-12th grade students. We are building Christian Community through fellowship, living the Christian ideal from day to day, and learning to hold each other accountable. We also encourage discipleship by teaching youth how to filter the culture around us and discern what we listen to, say, and do (in music, media, and games). We are a ministry dedicated to supporting our youth as well as our fellow Anglicans.

Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that “those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Like birds learning to fly, our faith begins with a leap; we take that step and can feel God’s comfort surround us like the very air we breathe. The name Araminta was chosen because it means lofty in Hebrew.

As Christians, not only do we keep our minds focused on things above (Col 3:2), but we strive to pass on the faith to others in a way that they, too, will take that leap and learn to fly into God’s comfort. Araminta from its English roots means prayer or protection, and our prayer is that Camp Araminta is a place “where faith takes flight” for everyone who comes here.

The Five Essentials of Camp Araminta

The question we started with was “if a camper came for only one year, what five things would we want them to learn?” The answer became our guide for the structure of the discipleship program:


I am made and loved by God


Fall and Redemption,
Life of Jesus


Where  do I fit in? What are my gifts? Where is my place in the Body of Christ?


Engaging the culture, Discernment and cultural filters, How to be in the world


Taking the Gospel into the world according to our gifts; Telling others the Good News

Each year students are in a track that builds on the year before and challenges them to grow further in their faith and Christian walk. After completing the Mission track, we hope youth will transition into the Leader In Training (LIT) program, with the ultimate goal of fostering strong Christian Leaders.

Camp Araminta also Focuses on Fun

Focus on Fun