As part of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan, the Gulf Atlantic Diocese is creating and facilitating peer-to-peer networks based on ministry roles and strategic topics within the diocese. These networks will helps us to create a unified culture of shared wisdom intended to strengthen our diocesan and parish ministry together. The networks are launching in two phases: the first by ministry role, the second by topic. These networks will be empowered to influence the Synod and shape diocesan life.

Positional Networks

Church Admin

Facilitator: Chris McCarthy
Open to church staff or volunteers directly involved in the administration of the parish.
Meeting monthly.

Church Comms

Facilitator: Fr. Sam Horowitz
Open to all those, staff or volunteer, with a role in church communications (e.g. Sunday bulletins, church website, social media, newsletter).
Meeting every 6-8 weeks.

Church Finance

Facilitators: Chris McCarthy & Dennis Kelemen
Open to the Treasurers and Financial Administrators of Gulf Atlantic Diocese churches.
Meeting quarterly.

Senior Wardens

Facilitator: Chris McCarthy
For all senior wardens.
Meeting quarterly.

Topical Networks

Spiritual Direction

Coming soon.

Church Music

Coming soon.


Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Petty
Open to trained theologians in the Diocese, at the invitation of the Bishop.
Coming soon.

Next Gen Leaders

Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Christopher Jones
Coming soon.