Planting Congregations

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The Rev. Canon Taylor Bodoh

As Canon for Church Planting, the Rev. Taylor Bodoh is responsible for spurring the entire Diocese on to plant healthy churches. A vigorous and continues approach to church planting helps us to reach more nonbelievers even as it helps to renew the whole Body of Christ in a region—even in established churches. Research bears this out: healthy church planting leads to the numerical growth of the Church as well as the renewal or reinvigoration of existing congregations.

You can read more about the importance (and benefits) of planting new churches in this article by Tim Keller (referenced by Canon Taylor in the above video).

Church-Planting Curacies

This multi-year program, including up to two residential years in an established parish, aims to raise up leaders to plant new congregations around the Gulf Atlantic Diocese. It represents a threefold partnership between the planter, the host parish, and the Diocese. Potential Church Planting Curates go through an assessment process. If the gifts and calling for church planting are discerned, candidates are connected to a host parish, and become eligible to receive funding, training, and ongoing coaching.

The Greenhouse Movement

The Society for St. Paul the Evangelist, commonly called the “Greenhouse Movement,” is a mission society in the ACNA that seeks to follow the Holy Spirit and empower laypeople for the spontaneous expansion of the Church.

Greenhouse operates under the authority of local bishops with a structure similar to many Anglican churches in the Global South, where one parish with one rector might have multiple congregations, each led by lay catechists.

What is Greenhouse?
Being Greenhouse:
Membership & Way of Life

More Information

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Always Forward - a collaborative effort of the Province, Dioceses, local churches and people of the Anglican Church in North America working together for the planting of new Gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches throughout North America.
The Always Forward Podcast – Great resource for Anglican church planters. In particular, check out the episode entitled, “Top 10 Mistakes Church Planters Make.”
Diocesan Framework for Church Planting – These “4 C’s and 7 Systems” set forth a healthy framework for church planting within a diocese

For additional questions, please contact the Rev. Taylor Bodoh, Canon for Church Planting.