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Welcome Dcn. Lenny Konschewitz to the Staff

March 30, 2024
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Ven. Dr. Jessica Jones

The four strategies of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese include strengthening congregations, raising leaders, planting churches, and reaching the next generation. These last few years our church planting efforts have been led by Taylor Bodoh and Michelle Herbst. Taylor and his family recently moved, and though we are indebted to his work, we are excited about this next season as we welcome the Rev. Lenny Konschewitz to diocesan leadership to work alongside Michelle. They will continue the good work we have been doing to expand God’s kingdom throughout our geographic borders. Please read an introduction written by Lenny below and be in prayer for Lenny, Michelle, and all of our church planters.
  –Jessica Jones, Archdeacon

My name is Lenny Konschewitz, and I’m originally from Nuremberg, Germany. Four years ago, my wife, Caly, and I moved to Florida to plant The Table Church in St. Augustine, FL, out of Grace Anglican Church in Fleming Island. We have three children: Elias (7), Micah (3), and Cora (7 months).

From the beginning of our time in Florida, we’ve been greatly impressed by the level of support, encouragement, and friendship we’ve experienced in our diocese. Our growing diocesan cohort of planters has become like an “apostolic band of brothers (and sisters!)” that is marked by humility, faith, and fun! Seriously, we couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. It was a great honor when I was asked if I’d consider serving as an Associate for Church Planting in the Diocese. I’m very excited to help shape the future of church planting in our deaneries, and about the many new opportunities to plant churches that are fully alive in the Spirit, firmly rooted in Scripture, and rich in our beautiful sacramental way of worship.

Studies show that young people feel increasingly drawn to historic denominations; that they’re hungry to be part of something “bigger,” something “timeless.” The Anglican Church is uniquely positioned to reach these people. Please continue to pray for us! Pray for Jesus to keep on sending laborers and sponsors of these laborers, and to keep our hearts centered on him as we venture forward planting churches in our diocese.