Ordination Discernment & Preparation Process

Ven. Dr. Jessica Jones

Archdeacon Jessica Jones

God has called the Gulf Atlantic Diocese to “identify, train, and deploy missional leaders” who will participate in the work of planting and strengthening churches that change the world with the transforming love of God in Christ – and God is doing just that! God bless you, whether you are discerning a call to ordained ministry, a clergy person assisting someone discerning a call, a member of a Parish Discernment Team, a Vestry person, or on the Diocesan Standing Committee. We want to support and assist you in this process, and hope that the process itself is formational as you follow Jesus Christ. We are committed to providing an effective and efficient process: to be faithful and thorough in identifying and training leaders, as well as deploying them as quickly as possible.
Church lifecycle stages