Sacred Mental Health: A Response to a National Crisis

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The mental health crisis in our nation is breaking in like a flood, but our diocese has a response: Sacred Mental Health. This ministry is being developed as a way to bring the unique gift of God’s transforming grace through Jesus Christ into the dark places of mental and emotional suffering.

Electing our Next Archbishop: A Call to Prayer & Fasting

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As you may know, Archbishop Foley Beach will retire as Archbishop this June. The ACNA’s College of Bishops will gather in Conclave prior to the summer’s Provincial Assembly, for a time of prayer and discernment over who God is calling to be our next Archbishop. It is our responsibility to pray for who God will raise up in this season. It is an important moment; there are lots of challenges facing us. Who is God calling to serve? Archbishop Foley has asked that we enter into a time of prayer and fasting about that decision. Will you join me in setting aside a time each week, as the Lord leads, from now until June 20, to fast and pray that I and my brother bishops would have wisdom and discern God’s will, and know who He is calling?

Jody Farmer: I So Look Forward to the Weekend

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I so look forward to the weekend as I know it will be another amazing trip to spend with another parish. Many questions come up during our visits, especially about our family and my own background. It warms my heart that people genuinely want to know about my sweet family!

Winning the Next Generation to Christ

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Canon Christopher Jones | I have participated in many of the camps and retreats that we have coordinated as a diocese. I can tell you that I have personally seen lives changed, chains broken, and young people being set free by the power of the Gospel – I’ve seen, with my own eyes, many students start their discipleship journeys during these ministry sessions. There is a fire burning for the Lord in our youth and I want to see that deepen amongst them and spread to those who do not yet know Him. Will you join me in one or more of

An Invitation to New Relationships

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Archdeacon Jessica Jones | Epiphany greetings! It is a joy to celebrate Christ’s coming by reflecting on the innumerable ways we see the Lord’s glory throughout our diocese and in partnership with each of you. Thank you for your continued work to further God’s Kingdom. I am writing to invite you into two new relationships, both emerging from our five-year strategic plan. Before we get to the invitation, I want to provide a recap of the primary outcomes of the plan: four missional strategies and three new initiatives. The missional strategies for the Diocese work to further the ministry of planting churches, raising leaders, strengthening congregations, and now include reaching the next generation of the Church. We have exciting updates in all four areas to share with you, some announcements regarding initiatives in the Strategic Plan, and invitations for you to join in the excitement.…

Making Christ Jesus Known

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Happy New Year, Gulf Atlantic Diocese! I pray your 2024 has started well and also that you are thriving in the Season of Epiphany. I love the season of Epiphany’s emphasis on Making Christ Jesus known, that he might be worshiped and obeyed from our neighborhoods to the ends of the Earth.…