Raising Up Leaders

Active Clergy

Retired Clergy in Residence

Discerning Vocation

Clergy Formation

The Gulf Atlantic Diocese invests in its clergy in a number of ways. Regional clergy deans (including a dean for bi-vocational clergy) organize regular meetings to provide fellowship, resources and ongoing training opportunities (and to assist the bishop in caring for clergy). Twice-annual clergy retreats and conferences provide for soul care and practical equipping. The MLA program puts clergy into small cohorts where amazing growth happens. And, of course, the Ordination Preparation Team ensures that rising leaders in vocational ministry are emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually prepared to exercise their calling.

Clergy Credentialing

All Christians are called to ministry. However, Anglicans understand the historic orders of deacons, priests, and bishops to be three particular orders of ministry given to the church from the New Testament era onward. These “Holy Orders” have unique roles in the life of the Church. The Diocese ordains people to the order of deacon (Greek: diakonos) and priest (presbyteros); the ordination of a bishop (episkopos) is the purview of the Province.

To exercise these particular vocational ministries within the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, clergy must be admitted in one of the following ways:

For More Information

For more information on leadership development in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, contact the Venerable Dr. Jessica Jones, Archdeacon.