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Sacred Mental Health: A Response to a National Crisis

March 31, 2024
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Rev. Craig Brown, Associate for Congregational Health

The mental health crisis in our nation is breaking in like a flood, but our diocese has a response: Sacred Mental Health. This ministry is being developed as a way to bring the unique gift of God’s transforming grace through Jesus Christ into the dark places of mental and emotional suffering.

If this is intriguing to you, please consider signing up for the Sacred Mental Health Level One Retreat, May 19-21 at Christchurch in Montgomery, AL. This retreat is an opportunity for you and members of your congregation to:

  • Learn how God works within our brains, minds, and spirits to lead us into deeper communion with Him.
  • Learn practices that can turn darkness and suffering into sacred places where we meet God and are transformed by Him.
  • Do personal “soul work” to grow in your relationship with God, through a series of exercises and activities.
  • Enjoy a time of rest, refreshment, and contemplation.

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