Easter 2023 Edition of the Communiqué

April 12, 2023
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Easter greetings to you all! We hope that this edition of the newsletter encourages and equips you as we continue celebrating the Risen Lord Jesus Christ during this great fifty-day feast of the Resurrection. As you will read below in Bishop Alex’s article, there are two important events coming up that deserve your attention. The first is the fourth Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Rwanda. You can sign up here for email updates from us as the conference unfolds. The second is our own Diocesan Strategic Planning Event. Would you please continue lifting this gathering up in prayers? If you aren’t sure how to pray, you can start with the following written by Bishop Jim Hobby:

O Sovereign Lord, who has promised to lead your children by your Holy Spirit: Grant wisdom and a clear vision to those who are discerning your direction for this Diocese through the upcoming Strategic Planning Event, because we know that unless you “build the house” all our efforts will be in vain. We pray this in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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In Christ,
the Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Horowitz
Communications Director
Gulf Atlantic Diocese

The Lord is Risen!

Bishop Alex Farmer
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Alleluia, the Lord is Risen!  What a joy it is to have walked the way of the Cross with all of you through Lent and now rejoice in our hope in the Risen Lord Jesus. It was my privilege to participate in several of our congregations through the weeks of Lent. What a joy to see your faithfulness in worship. At the great Easter Vigil we read from Paul’s letter to the Church at Rome …
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We Had A Great Easter, So Now What?

Fr. Mark Eldredge
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Hopefully your congregation had a wonderful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection last Sunday! And hopefully you had some newcomers visit for Easter. Many of them heard the gospel proclaimed and received an invitation to follow Jesus. So now what? What is your plan to follow up on that invitation to them? What is your congregation’s plan to assimilate them into the church and actually make them Jesus’ disciples?
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New Churches on the Rise!

Taylor Bodoh
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We have two new churches on the rise in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, and to visit them is to witness the Holy Spirit tangibly at work.  I recently did just that, visiting Adoration Church in Orlando, FL, for their Advent Lessons & Carols service in mid-December, and then joining The Table St. Johns (north of St. Augustine, FL) for Sunday worship in March.  And… wow!
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Upcoming Events

Comms Dir Samuel Horowitz
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Invitation to Anglican 4th Day (A4D)

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The Anglican 4th Day weekend is based on a program of spiritual renewal initiated by the Roman Catholic Church in Spain in the 1940’s. The Roman Catholics use the term Cursillo, which means short course or “little study.” The Anglican 4th Day works to form groups of men and women committed to living the Christian life in union with the Living Lord and to share Christ with those they know and love. The three day weekend provides a living experience, meeting Christ and meeting fellow Christians in a friendly, and non-threatening atmosphere. The next opportunity to participate in this enriching retreat will be August 10–13.
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