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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage missional initiatives and planting congregations; to strengthen existing parishes and ministries; and to identify, train, and deploy missional leaders. 

Planting Congregations

Encouraging missional initiatives means encouraging all believers to go beyond their own walls. We are called to go and tell the world and this starts with our own communities. We plant congregations in a way that comes into a community and embraces that community, loves them where they are, and shows Jesus’ light in dark places. 

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Strengthening Churches

We strive to strengthen existing parishes and ministries by coming alongside churches as they are already ministering to those in their community. We help resource these churches, and we offer training on topics and experiences that will increase the leaders’ ability to reach others with God’s love. 

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Raising Up Leaders

Identifying, training, and deploying missional leaders is integral to continuing the work of the Church. If we do not consistently seek out the next generation of leaders, the Church cannot, and will not, continue. We must be continuously passing on the faith, and passing the baton. We seek to do this by identifying and training leaders committed to mission. When they are ready, we hope to deploy them into missional leadership with their community to continue to tell God’s story and each of our place within it.