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2021 Leadership and Committees


Provincial Council Delegates

The Synod elects one (1) clergy and two (2) lay persons to serve 5-year terms as members of the Provincial Council. The member of the clergy nominated must be serving either on the Standing Committee or the Diocesan Council at the time of nomination. 

Mr. Jim Barnidge Lay Representative
The Very Rev. Andrew Rowell Clergy Representative
Mrs. Karissa Bodoh Lay Representative

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee (SC) is an elected group of clergy and laypersons who serve to assist the Bishop in effective leadership of the diocese. The SC supports the Bishop the way a vestry supports a rector, and annually reviews the Bishop. The SC also helps review and approve congregation and clergy transfers.  

The Rev. John Wallace (President) Clergy Representative
The Rev. Michael Petty Clergy Representative
The Rev. Alex Farmer Clergy Representative
The Hon. Tom Crapps Lay Representative
Ms. Katrina Rolle Lay Representative
Dr. Sam Ashoo Lay Representative

Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council (DC) is an executive body with power to implement policies and programs adopted by Synod. The DC is composed of the Bishop, Secretary, Chancellor, Deans, SC Chair, Treasurer, three clergy (elected), and three laypersons (elected). The Bishop has authority and responsibility for budgetary and fiscal management, but the DC works to propose and submit the budget annually. The DC oversees the work of the Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and the Constitution & Canons Committee.  

The Rt. Rev. Neil Lebar Bishop
The Rev. Canon Jim McCaslin Canon to the Ordinary
The Rev. Canon Mark DiCristina Canon for Ordination Preparation
The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge Canon for Congregational Health
The Rev. Canon Taylor Bodoh Canon for Church Planting
Mrs. Michelle Herbst Church Planting Associate
The Rev. Canon Jessica Jones Canon for Next Generation Discipleship
The Rev. Canon Christopher Klukas Canon for Communications
Mr. Harris Willman Administrator
The Rev. John Wallace Chair of Standing Committee
Mr. Mose Stuart Chancellor
Mr. Sam Garrison Vice-Chancellor
Mrs. Barbara Bevis Treasurer
The Rev. Lynne Ashmead Diocesan Secretary
The Very Rev. Marcus Kaiser Dean of Central Deanery
The Very Rev. Mike McDonald Dean of Northeastern Deanery
The Very Rev. Canon Keith Allen Dean of Southern Deanery
The Very Rev. Andrew Rowell Dean of Western Deanery
The Rev. Bill Driscoll Clergy Representative
Mrs. Beth Kirby Lay Representative
The Rev. Taylor Ishii Clergy Representative
Mrs. Karla George Lay Representative
The Rev. Christopher Jones Clergy Representative
Mrs. Julie O'Steen Lay Representative

Finance Committee

The Diocesan Finance Committee is appointed by the Bishop and has oversight of the business and financial control methods of all parishes and congregations in the diocese.

Mrs. Barbara Bevis, Chair DRC Treasurer
Mr. Chris McCarthy Chairman
Mrs. Karla George Central Deanery
Position Open Northeastern Deanery
Position Open Southern Deanery
The Rev. Gary Blaylock Western Deanery

Constitution and Canons Committee

The Constitution and Canons Committee consists of three (3) clergy and three (3) lay persons, one member being a practicing attorney, and all appointed by the Bishop with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee. The responsibility of this committee is to consider all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese as recommended by Diocesan Council. They present proposed amendments to the Synod for vote. Each member serves a three year term.

Mr. Mose Stuart Diocese Chancellor
The Very Rev. Andrew Rowell Clergy Representative (Chair)
Mr. Sam Garrison Lay Representative (Vice-Chair)
The Rev. Joe Porfideo Clergy Representative
Mrs. Michelle Herbst Lay Representative
Position Open Clergy Representative
Position Open Lay Representative

Nominating Committee

(Rotation of Departing Diocesan Council Members)

The Committee on Nominations is charged with developing a slate of candidates for each office to be filled by election at Synod. 

The Rev. John Commins Clergy Representative
Mr. Jim Barnidge Lay Representative
The Rev. Gary Blaylock Clergy Representative
Mrs. Michelle Herbst Lay Representative
The Rev. Bill Driscoll Clergy Representative
Mrs. Beth Kirby Lay Representative

Ecclesiastical Trial Court

(Elected by Synod)

Mr. Bill Norwood Presiding Judge
The Rev. Dr. Travis Boline
The Very Rev. Keith Allen
The Very Rev. Andrew Rowell
The Rev. Sudduth Cummings
Clergy Representatives
Mrs. Carol Kuhn
Mr. Sam Garrison
Mr. Bill Norwood
Lay Representatives