About Gulf Atlantic Diocese

Our Structure and Governance

The Gulf Atlantic Diocese is a member of the Anglican Church in North America province (ACNA) and the Global Anglican Fellowship Communion (GAFCON) who are on mission to guard the unchanging, transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim him to the world. Both the province and the diocese proceed from a council where clergy and laity (non-ordained parishioners) serve in leadership together.

Diocesan leadership includes the Diocesan Council and the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee is an elected group that serves as a council of advisors to the bishop and is the ecclesiastical authority in the absence of the bishop. The Diocesan Council members are both elected and appointed and have the responsibility for financial management of the diocese. The Diocesan Council oversees the work of the Finance Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Constitution & Canons Committee. Both the Diocesan Council and the Standing Committee work to carry out diocesan decisions between diocesan meetings. See those currently serving in Diocesan leadership here

Here is a helpful infographic for understanding more about the provincial structure of the ACNA: Structure-ACNA

Constitution and Canons
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The diocese, formed in 2009, includes more than forty congregations from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. There are more than 100 clergy members, both active and retired, and a combined average Sunday attendance of over three thousand.

Our diocese focuses on ministry imperatives identified at the local level through each of our four deaneries. Each deanery is led by a dean and represents a cluster of geographically contiguous churches to enable a more efficient and effective goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hearts of a hurting world.  

The Gulf Atlantic Diocese supports various ministries that align with our mission statement: to encourage missional initiatives and planting of congregations; to strengthen existing parishes and ministries; and to identify, train, and deploy missional leaders.