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To encourage missional initiatives and the planting of congregations.


Why Plant Churches?

Church Planting Curacies

This five-year program, including up to two residential years in an established parish, aims at raising up leaders to plant new congregations around the Gulf Atlantic Diocese. It represents a threefold partnership between the planter, the host parish, and the diocese.

Potential Church Planting Curates undergo an “assessment” process, and if the gifts and calling for church planting are discerned, they are connected to a host parish, and are eligible to receive funding, training, and ongoing coaching.

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The Greenhouse Movement

The Society for St. Paul the Evangelist, commonly called the “Greenhouse Movement,” is a mission society in the ACNA that seeks to follow the Holy Spirit and empower laypeople for the spontaneous expansion of the Church.

Under the authority of the local bishop, Greenhouse operates with a similar structure as many Anglican churches in the Global South, where one parish with one rector might have multiple congregations, each led by “lay catechists.”

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Meet Our Church Planters

Learn more about their stories and how you can partner with them through prayer and/or financial support.



The Rev. Paul and Kim Hassell

Jacksonville, FL

Prior to coming to Jacksonville in 2019, Paul spent 25 years in ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in OH and PA. Paul graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Biology Education and a Masters of Arts in Religion from Trinity School of Ministry. Paul and his wife, Kim, have five children. 

Christ Church Jacksonville is the launching pad for their new church plant. After a couple of years as assistant pastor, Paul and Kim will plant a church in metro-Jacksonville. Prayer, investigation, and growing a launch team is underway.

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Lenny and Caly Konschewitz

The Table Church
St. Johns County, FL

Lenny and Caly Konschewitz, former missionaries and church planters in Europe, heard a call from the Lord to plant a church in Florida, in particular St. Johns County. Lenny writes, "Our desire is to reach more people with the Gospel, and planting new churches is a great way of doing so." 

The name of the new church will be "The Table." They chose this name because their church will focus on Encountering God, Uniting Believers, and Inviting the World. These three dimensions of relationship are based on the conviction that the Kingdom of God is in relationships.

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The Rev. Drew Miller

Statesboro Anglican Mission
Statesboro, GA

God has called The Rev. Drew Miller and team, by grace, to form a church family in Statesboro that is marked by thoughtful faith, generous hospitality, and compassionate engagement with the world. What began as a small home group at Christ Church Anglican, Savannah, has grown into a small community of faith that meets regularly for worship, study, fellowship, and prayer.

As their name ‘mission’ implies, they are on mission in Statesboro, called for the sake of their neighbors and their city with a strategic, others-focused purpose.

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The Rev. Dan and Carrie Wolf 

Rise Church
Portland, Maine

After serving for 6 years at Grace Anglican on Fleming Island, Dan and Carrie are being sent to plant church in Portland, Maine the second most post-Christian city in America in cooperation with the Anglican Diocese of New England. 

They are planting a church that exists to “invite all people to explore, follow, and join Jesus to bring life to the brokenness in ourselves, our city, and the world.”  Rather than launch with a service, they plan to start hosting Alphas throughout the city to give people a chance to explore Jesus in a conversational way. As people encounter Jesus, they will form missional communities that will disciple people to follow Jesus and establish Jesus-shaped rhythms of life in community. Their desire is to join Jesus to plant a church-planting church in New England.

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Take the Next Steps in Planting a Church

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