What is Assessment?

Assessment is communal discernment. Assessment creates space to prayerfully discern as a community if a candidate is the right planter, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Provincial Canon for Church Planting, the Rev. Canon Dr. Dan Alger,
describes our vision for assessment.

Our Assessment Process

Assessment Process Graphic

Phase 1: Inquiry

We get to know you; you get to know us and our assessment process.

Phase 2: Screening

Digging deeper into who you are, your gifts, your calling, and your experience.

Phase 3: Interview

Prayerfully discern in community.

Phase 4: Plant

Discerning steps toward beginning the church plant.

Associate Director of Church Planting for our diocese, Michelle Herbst,
outlines our assessment process.
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Next Steps in Phase 1: Inquiry

  1. If you haven't had an initial conversation with our diocesan church planting staff, please click the button above to schedule that initial conversation.
  2. If you have had that first conversation with diocesan staff, please complete the reflection exercise and questionnaire below.
  Button 300 - Reflection Exercise   Button 300 - Questionnaire (1)  

As part of the 60-minute reflection exercise (linked above), you will be instructed to watch this “Exploring Our Motivations” video from our Provincial Canon for Church Planting, the Rev. Canon Dr. Dan Alger.


Once you’ve completed the reflection exercise and questionnaire, please let your diocesan staff contact know, and they will schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to talk through the questionnaire, debrief the reflection exercise, and discuss next steps with you.

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