What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is an orthodox group of believers from across the world. Globally, Anglicans make up the third largest denomination (behind Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox). Though we are a global family, we live out our faith in our local communities, committed to diverse expressions for our people. 

Anglicans respond to God’s revelation through three streams in our worship, reflected in the importance we see in the Spirit, Scripture, and Sacraments. Key distinctions of our worship are the value we place on the authority of the Bible, the tradition found in our historic faith, and the beauty of our common prayer.

How we pray reflects what we believe. Our Book of Common Prayer, which provides structure for our services throughout the year, is built on Scripture and reflects worship that offers us an opportunity to respond to God’s revelation in our lives.

For more information on the history of the Anglican Church, please see the preface from our 2019 Book of Common Prayer. 


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