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Electing our Next Archbishop: A Call to Prayer & Fasting

March 29, 2024
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As you may know, Archbishop Foley Beach will retire as Archbishop this June. The ACNA’s College of Bishops will gather in Conclave prior to the summer’s Provincial Assembly, for a time of prayer and discernment over who God is calling to be our next Archbishop. It is our responsibility to pray for who God will raise up in this season. It is an important moment; there are lots of challenges facing us. Who is God calling to serve? Archbishop Foley has asked that we enter into a time of prayer and fasting about that decision. Will you join me in setting aside a time each week, as the Lord leads, from now until June 20, to fast and pray that I and my brother bishops would have wisdom and discern God’s will, and know who He is calling?

Here is the Archbishop’s appeal in his own words: