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GAFCON Day 3: The Statement

April 19, 2023
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At every Global Anglican Future Conference, the gathered body releases a statement. In 2008 that statement included the Jerusalem Statement, which has become a fundamental document for the Anglican Church in North America and every person seeking ordination must subscribe to it. Delegates were able to preview the ideas in this Conference’s statement yesterday and provide input as to what did or did not belong. Today, we heard the current draft read aloud in its entirety. We gathered by global region and worked together to further refine the draft statement: pointing out what might be unclear or ambiguous, where emphases might be in the wrong place, or where we might have different ideas about word choices.

We have been asked not to discuss the specifics of the statement, but the overall sentiment at the Conference is extremely positive about the work that has been done so far. What we have heard so far is not perfect, and there are things we would say differently if we were doing the writing, but your diocesan delegation if very pleased with what we heard today.

Finally, here are some photos with friends old and new (you can find this gallery on Facebook, too).