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Time to Rejoice And A Time To Give

Dear brothers and sisters in the diocese,

While we may not all be together this Easter, the Easter declaration will still ring out among us:

Alleluia! Christ is risen!
The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

There is no better news in human history than the Resurrection of Jesus
, the ultimate validation by God the Father of his Son’s saving work on the Cross.
There is so much here in rejoice in, but I will leave the preaching of this good news to those who minister among you all.
Here I need to encourage you not to allow your congregation’s ministry to falter in the midst of the pandemic we are enduring together. Please prayerfully continue your financial support to your local parish or fellowship in this tough season as you are able.
And please consider giving more than a tithe if you can, because there are sadly many among us who will not be able to be as generous as they normally would be.
There are multiple signs that many around us are searching for the Lord in the midst of this crisis. Please pray and take every opportunity to reach out to those around you so that they too may come to know Jesus and the power of his Resurrection!

In Jesus the Messiah,