Reaching Out in Epiphany

Dear Diocesan Family,

It is common for Christians to teach that we live in the Already–Not yet season. Jesus has already called many to be his people, but the kingdom is not yet fully realized, and will not be until Jesus returns again.

The season of Epiphany reminds us of living in that tension of the in-between. The arrival of the wise men points to the fact that the kingdom is advancing throughout the world. But at the same time, there are so many both near and far who have not heard that Jesus, the true King of kings and Lord of lords, has come to rescue them from the enslavement of sin and fear of death. They know nothing of the forgiveness purchased on the cross and the hope of glory promised to believers.

Ask God the Father how he would have you reach someone in this season (perhaps someone not known to you yet) with the good news that Jesus the Messiah has come. How wonderful it would be for you to share the gospel with someone in this season of manifestation/epiphany. Like the wise men, would you be willing to go to whomever the Lord directs you?

We do not need a star to guide us, because we have in us the Holy Spirit. Will we listen for his voice?

In Jesus the Messiah who came and will come again,


The Rt. Rev. Neil G. Lebhar
Bishop of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese


Editor's Note: Bishop Neil recently preached a sermon on the Wise Men during his visit to Epiphany, Celebration, FL. You can listen to the sermon here.