Drive-by Communion No Longer in Effect, Next Steps

Dear Clergy and Wardens,

Greetings in our Risen Lord this Easter season!
I have been asked whether there can continue to be “drive-by” communion services.
The quick answer is that the bishops only envisioned and permitted this drive-by exception for Easter as a major Christian feast, not as an on-going practice.
You or your eucharistic ministers may continue to take consecrated bread and leave it at homes as I have directed before.
Next week I will meet with deans and the staff to talk about when churches can re-open and what protocols to follow when they do. But at the moment most states have shelter at home directives, and we will certainly wait to re-open until those are lifted.
I know this is a frustrating time, but the Lord will see us through!

In Jesus the Messiah,

The Rt. Rev. Neil G. Lebhar