Strengthening Churches in 2021


The need for the part of our diocesan mission, “Strengthening Existing Churches and Ministries,” has never been as important it will be in 2021. Last year had its set of challenges, to say the least. Much of the year was spent adjusting to new circumstances. Now is the time to get back to being proactive or, to use sports terminology, switch from defense to offense. 

To that end, we will be picking up the plan to strengthen each congregation based on where it is on the Church Lifecycle. Those on the incline will continue to be supported with regular deanery gatherings which will start focusing less on covid and more on strategies that will strengthen our churches. For congregations in recline or early decline, we will be offering additional help through both one-on-one and cohort-based coaching. And for those in deep decline, we will help find ways to strengthen God’s Kingdom even if it means the closing of that particular local church.

In our ongoing assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of all our churches and ministries, we have continued to see challenges for many in the areas of local evangelism and developing effective discipleship processes. By Synod 2021, we would like to see every congregation be able to describe in detail the particular unchurched people in their local community they are committed to reaching, strategies to do so, and the process you have in place to make missional disciples out of the people who become born again Christians from your efforts. Some already have this in place, some are working on it, and some will need to get started early in 2021. 

As always, I am available for both onsite and virtual consultation and coaching for these and any other areas of need as it relates to helping each church best fulfill the Great Commission in our times. Email or call me today at or 904-608-0047.