Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts


The song, "Burning Hearts" was written by five artists at the United Adoration songwriting retreat held at Trinity Anglican Church in Thomasville Ga. Within the group there were experienced songwriters paired with budding songwriters. At Synod, we talked about the importance of discipleship and raising up others. This songwriting group is a great example of that principle. With encouragement and critique, these artists created the beautiful song in this video.

Encouragement is an essential part of discipleship because our words hold power to build up and tear down. Insecurities and pain lie within all our hearts, but specific encouragement can help to cut through those layers and bring healing. Words of critique can help artists improve their craft, but only when there is a foundation of trust, because critique without trust can actually increase insecurity and open new wounds.

"Our churches can be like the wealthy man whose family starves to death emotionally while he is working hard to better provide for them materially. They can feverishly continue with the appearance of success while many of their members struggle to hold their lives together. How sad! People are troubled and restless and angry and desperate and empty and worried. They need to know God and to learn what it means to live in relationship with Him and with His people. Our churches have untapped resources for responding to that need" (Encouragement: The Key to Caring by Dr. Larry Crabb and Dr. Dan Allender, 14).

By all accounts, this retreat was an encouraging time for the people who attended. Our own pain can blind us to the needs of others until it is recognized, redeemed, and our brains begin to restructure, reprogram, and heal. Only then can we begin to see past our own raw needs and notice that our neighbor is bleeding internally, and offer words of life that wash over his soul. Without this internal work in our own souls, our layers of fear and shame may overtake our choice of words. Infusing our lives with Christ through the study of scripture, private and corporate worship, spiritual disciplines, and community, the discipline of encouragement can become a habit that transforms the culture around us. And perhaps--birth new songwriters and songs, like "Burning Hearts."

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