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10 Programmatic Ideas for Non-Tech Hybrid Ministry


One of the concerns many churches faced mid-March when the global pandemic shut our doors, was how to keep connected to those who do not utilize technology on a regular basis. This concern continued as families sought to be discipled without their children being exposed to unprotected technology, as well. As a result, here are a few ideas to help keep your households connected to church ministry that aren’t dependent upon ongoing technology.


  1. Offer a service-by-phone and phone ministry for those not on technology.

  2. Have households buddy up together to complete activities or to mentor/be mentored. Ensure households have access to small groups near them.

  3. Offer tutorials for the elderly who might be willing to add technology but don’t know how to use it (youth are great at offering this). Some are willing to navigate websites, but avoid social media; if your church uses a social media platform to livestream, email them the link after the service, or burn DVDs of streamed services and bring it to their homes.

  4. Have households/volunteers write letters to those without technology.

  5. Some of the discipleship ideas for hybrid family ministry can be transferred to households without technology once they are initially taught. By equipping parents, the dependence upon technology decreases. These ideas might include Praying in Color, book clubs, movie clubs, journaling, family prayer, gratitude jars, creating a Rule of Life, using Faithful Families in the home, care packages, and simply texting non-tech households. For more ideas, see here

  6. Call them to pray with them. When you call to pray with them, consider teaching households to bless each other and/or pray the Psalms together.

    • Teach parents how to bless their children. Using Scripture to pronounce blessings over others is a powerful experience. Consider using the Aaronic blessing (Num 6:24-26), or Collect 68 from the BCP 2019, or the Song of Simeon (Nunc Dimittus originating from Luke 2) from Compline, page 64 in the BCP 2019.
    • Pray the Psalms; talk about the role the psalms played in Israel’s past, and what role they play in your church’s worship. How is this similar to the role your prayers play in your relationship to God now? Consider having members of the household write their own psalm (begin with a statement addressing God, then name things he has done in your life or the lives of others, then cry out to him with your need, then state your belief that he will act for your benefit according to his will, and close with gratitude for what he has done and what he will do.

  7. Offer radio church for those to dial-in to at home, then be sure to rebuild and train your Lay Eucharistic Ministers to enable home communion in a safe manner for those who cannot return yet.

  8. Agree to walk through a book of the Bible, or listen to a sermon series together, or complete a Scripture reading plan. At the end of the month, have a phone call with those participating.

  9. Encourage members of the congregation to pray through the membership directory, or rotate members as prayer partners each week/month, asking them to connect with each other to pray with each other.

  10. Pass the peace from home. Encourage members of the congregation to pass the peace with other members by calling to connect with them each month, sharing how they have seen the peace of Christ in their lives. This is a great way to get to know everyone!

No doubt about it, we are facing unique challenges in the season ahead. As always, the church will rise to the challenge of going into our community to reach those beyond our walls. This may require new methods, but this is not a new sending. Let us go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit!

If you have additional ideas that should be added to this list, please send them to so others can benefit from learning together.