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15 Programmatic Ideas for Hybrid Family Ministry


We've already outlined the need for each ministry to have its own online ministry coordinator in and the importance tobuilding online communities, andnot just entertaining kids. Specific to family ministry, it is the church's role to come alongside parents as they are uniquely called to disciple their children. 15 IDEAS FOR HYBRID FAMILY MINISTRY Here are 15 ways to move...

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10 Programmatic Ideas for Non-Tech Hybrid Ministry


One of the concerns many churches faced mid-March when the global pandemic shut our doors, was how to keep connected to those who do not utilize technology on a regular basis. This concern continued as families sought to be discipled without their children being exposed to unprotected technology, as well. As a result, here are a few ideas to help keep your households conne...

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Church Planting and Training for Crises


by Rev. John Wallace, Apostles By-the-Sea, Rosemary Beach, FL When Apostles By-the-Sea was a new church plant, we knew we wanted to serve our community in ways that were bold, but never self-promoting; ways that focused on God's Kingdom, not our own; and ways that cared more for our community than for credit. We have held to those values these last eight years. During th...

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Be Still and Know That I Am God

craig-brown 01

by The Rev. Craig Brown, LMHC, LMFT Fear. In all its forms from slight concern to sheer terror fear is perhaps the most potent emotional force in the world. Certainly, with the onset of the Coronapocalypse, fear itself has become, dare I say, a pandemic. Fear is the body's gift to us in times of crisis. It is there to help us flee a deadly threat. Faced with danger, ou...

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Beauty in Dark Times


by Rebecca McCallister These are dark times, aren't they? Most of us haven't experienced anything like this coronavirus and the complete upheaval it's causing in our lifetimes. And beyond the inconveniences of sheltering in place or not finding toilet paper, there is serious fear and uncertainty, real suffering, devastation, loss, and death. There are many things we coul...

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Church Planting: Preparing the Ground


by Lenny Konschewitz, Church Planter, Grace Anglican Church My family and I moved from Europe to Fleming Island, Florida, this past January to help Grace Anglican plant a church in St. Johns County. Just like the rest of the world we have been caught up in this Covid-19 storm. Our church planting efforts have moved online and we are finding ourselves in uncharted waters. ...

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Surprise Blessings While Adapting to Change

Very few people adapt to change easily. For most of us, change is uncomfortable and "doing things the way we've always done them" is easier. This pandemic has caused all of us to change and it hasn't been easy. But with change, comes the opportunity for innovation and improvement. Sometimes change brings surprising blessings, as well. We wanted to encourage you by sharing ...

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What the Online Church Can Learn From Online Education


by Rev. Dr. Jessica H. Jones This season in ministry has forced churches everywhere to move to an online environment, exploring video conferencing, live streaming, pre-recording and video editing segments for their website, and trying to navigate pastoral care for those not connected, as well as those already saturated with online content. Someone joked last week on our c...

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Know Your Audience


by Rev. Taylor IshiiChurch of the Apostles, Eastern Shore One principle of good communication is to know your audience. I remember once teaching in a youth group setting and using 9/11 as an example of a moment where time seemed to stand still. I then asked the students if they remembered where they were on 9/11. I got nods from the adults in the room, but blank stares fr...

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Ways to Lead Through Prayer

Contributors: Dr. Sarah Hall, Rev. Ben Jefferies, Rev. Dr. Jessica Jones, Rev. Carrie Klukas, The Very Rev. Andrew Rowell In God's grand narrative we see the power of prayer over and over. God's people cry out to him, primarily because he is the only one who can do anything! Now is the time to teach children and youth about prayer, if we haven't done so already. In the m...

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