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We are grateful for all of you who were able to attend this year's virtual Synod. If you were not able to attend or want to refresh your memory, the Friday and Saturday recordings are available for you to watch here:


Meet Our New Diocesan Leadership

Each of the following leaders were nominated by their Senior Pastor and elected at Synod 2020 by lay and clergy delegates from each church in our diocese.



2020 Synod Workshops and Breakout Sessions

"Restore us again, O God of our salvation." Psalm 85

Workshops including their live breakout sessions from Synod are available to watch online. Click this button to view:


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Restore Our Souls 
Strengthening Your Soul in a Shallow and Fractured World

The challenges and difficulties of the past year threaten our culture and our churches like nothing in recent memory. We all sense things being pulled apart and swept away, and what will emerge has yet to be clearly seen. In this anxious time, there is a widespread hunger and need for a kind of life that the Scriptures promise and our souls long for. 

The Rev. Geoff Chapman, Workshop Presenter

For the last 15 years, Geoff Chapman has worked in his congregation and now with some 90 of our pastors around the country to recapture a ‘Way of Life’ that deepens the life of the soul as we meet unavoidable hardships and pressures. Drawing from the life-work of Dallas Willard, we will introduce the basic rhythms and habits that strengthen the life of your soul.  We will also offer an opportunity to join a cluster of like minded believers, seeking the life our Savior lived and gives.


Restore Our Churches
Effective Parish Ministry in the New Normal

What will be the lasting effects of the pandemic on parish ministry? The new normal, in which we find ourselves in parish ministry, includes reaching people both online and in-person. This hybrid focus has caused some shifts in how churches do ministry. Through this shift, however, the purpose of the Church has not changed. Our Anglican Catechism (2019) reminds us that the purpose of the Church is to worship, to serve, and to proclaim. The diocese is coming alongside our churches as they strive to continue these three things in hybrid programs. The Bishop has convened a Hybrid Ministry Task Force to help churches to be effective during, and after, the pandemic. This workshop, led by members of the Hybrid Ministry Task Force, will explore some of the key questions churches in our diocese should be asking in order to be effective in this new normal.
Members of the Diocesan Hybrid Ministry Task Force

Ben Cheney, Rev. Morgan Clark, Debra Gordon, Dr. Sarah L. Hall, Angela Jones, Rev. Dr. Jessica H. Jones, Wendell Kimbrough, Rev. Robert Seawell, Nikki Smith, and The Very Rev. David Trautman

Additional Resources from Restoring Our Churches Workshop Video
Breakout Session Notes


Restore Our Communities 
by Living and Sharing the Gospel

Peter teaches the scattered disciples how to live out their Christian lives confidently in full view of a hostile world (1 Peter 2). The best hope our cities have is our faith - our worship, our gospel-shaped lives, and our gospel witness.
We have lost our saltiness in our communities through two errors: we live gospel lives in secret, and then we engage in our communities in non-gospel ways. In this workshop, we'll think about why these patterns have rendered our churches ineffective in the past, what we are facing as a result of the pandemic, and what practical steps we can take now to recover our witness.

Rev. Jon Hall, Workshop Presenter

Jon was born in England, and lived there through college, where he met and married Sarah Lebhar. Jon and Sarah moved (back) to Jacksonville in 2006, where they had their two children, Benjamin and Miriam. In 2014, Jon graduated from Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA, and moved to Tallahassee to plant Incarnation with Taylor and Karissa Bodoh, and Chris Jones. Jon has served there ever since. He is passionate about teaching and explaining the Word of God, and one of his greatest joys these days is getting to do that with teenagers. The growing edges for Jon and for Incarnation in 2020 have been evangelism and multi-ethnic community.

Additional Resources from Restore Our Communities Workshop Video
Rick Richardson's Evangelism Training Video
3 Resources from Rick Richardson's Video

 Other Resources from Synod

O Great Physican video (Friday Night)